The Melder Practical Difference

What makes us different from our competitors?

1.  We use Kydex-100, which is tougher and more break-resistant than the industry-standard Kydex-T.

2.  Melder Practical holsters are molded to precise dimensional accuracy.  We measure our molds against real firearms to ensure a perfect fit every time.

3. Hardware used in any location that will be inside the waistband is corrosion-resistant, made to battle your sweat and humidity, but any hardware that is exposed to sight is black to aid in concealment

4. We use a standard 20-degree cant, but can manufacture a straight-drop (aka appendix-carry) clip as well.

5. Our standard ride height ensures a full-grip draw.

6. Belt clips are attached with hardware, making stronger attachment points and ensuring less breakage, and are manufactured in the USA.

7. Our holster profiles are as thin as practically possible.

8. We are affordable!  Inside-the-pants concealment holsters start at $50.