Schedule A Custom Appointment

Please schedule online appointments for no earlier than 6 hours from this moment. How to Schedule: 1. Select a half-hour time frame from the appointments available on the calendar below. 2. Replace the "Custom Appointment" with your First and Last name. (don't worry, only we can see it) 3. Fill out the details in the Description field with as much information as you would like. You don't have to have your mind made up until you drop off. 4. Please make sure to include your phone number so that we can reach you in case a change has to be made. If you aren't comfortable with online scheduling, it's no problem. You can see the available time slots below, and text or call your appointment request to 480.788.6164. If we do not answer the phone, it's because we're actively working on other holsters and our equipment is kind of noisy. We'll give you a call back or text back to confirm just as soon as we take a break. We typically return calls and texts received during business hours within the business day. We are available by appointment on Saturdays, but please call for those appointments. We are not available for work on Sundays, no exceptions.

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