About Us

About Melder Practical:

Melder Practical started with the goal of making comfortable, durable, and well-fitted holsters out of high quality materials. We offer practical products with excellent fit for those who want an excellent holster without any unnecessary added bulk.  Quality gear for practical people. That's our goal. We're a family business with family values.

About Our Products:

All Melder Practical holsters are molded out of Kydex®-100.  What this means to you.  Most holsters are molded from Kydex®-T, and some are molded from Kydex®-V (recycled Kydex®).  Kydex®-100 is stronger and more resistant to breaking than both of these.  The only exception to this will be if you request a color or pattern that is not available in Kydex®-100, then Kydex®-T will be substituted.

All Melder Practical holsters are molded to real firearms and not plastic replicas.  Our experience has been that molding to a real firearm makes for a better fitting holster.  This takes more time to set up for forming, but we feel it is well worth it to make a superior and more practical product.

All hardware that will be against the body or inside the waistband is either zinc plated or stainless steel for corrosion resistance.  On concealment holsters all hardware outside the waistband is black to better blend in.

About Us:

Devin does the molding and product design for Melder Practical.  He grew up just outside of Glenrock, Wyoming shooting rifle and shotgun throughout his entire childhood.  Hunting and fishing was just a way of life to him and his family.  He moved to Arizona in 2001 and the next year met his future father-in-law who introduced him to the world of competition pistol shooting and concealed carry in 2002.  He has been carrying and shooting competitions regularly since then.  He has also attended multiple training courses ranging from practical shooting skills on up to tactical courses.  Devin had wanted to make this company a reality for several years prior to launch, and he's glad to finally have the opportunity to do something he's passionate about.  In his spare time, he enjoys shooting with friends, hiking with family, and spending as much time in the tall trees as possible.

Shesten handles the accounts, scheduling, website, and all things logistical for Melder Practical.  She is an Arizona native who grew up in the basement of J.R.'s Fish & Chips in Gilbert, and attended both Mesa High and Dobson High Schools and has credits from more colleges and universities than she can actually remember.  She thought she wanted to be a teacher, but ended up being an event planner instead, and brings all of her administrative, customer service, and logistical skills to our company. In her spare time, she volunteers at her church and reviews books for literologie.com.

Together we've conquered cancer, been inside the Strahov Monastery Library, slept in a thatched-roof hunting cabin on the Boesmans River, and made an exceptionally adorable human being.  We know that your safety and that of your family is as important to you as it is to us, and appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your needs in that capacity.